Versus Spring 2013 Fashion Show Beth Ditto at Milan

MILAN – According to Christopher Kane in a FashionTV video highlighting the scene at Versus backstage, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection was all about going back into the Versus archives, but also adding pops of color and bringing something fresh and dynamic into the fold. With Beth Ditto and her optimistic pop rock in the background, there was lots of happiness to go around. There was also bright neon and a funky 60s vibe that said something more Kane than Donatella Versace (the two collaborate on the Versus label, in case you didn’t know) but there was a mix of both in the funky collection at Milan Fashion Week. Clothes came in all fabrics, shapes and sizes. There were shifts and then there were polka dots. There was gloss and there was shine but there was also mesh. There was Christopher Kane (edgy, funky, and bright) and there was also Donatella (slick, chic, and sophisticated) and at the end of the day, it all came together perfectly.