Blumarine Spring 2013 Fashion Show at Milan

MILAN – Anna Molinari never takes herself seriously, but always presents fun and stylish fashion. Such was the case for her Spring/Summer 2013 Blumarine collection during Milan Fashion Week. The show embodied a lucid dream and innocent girls in a fairy tale forest. Perhaps another view of the classic A MidSummer Night’s Dream. “Glossy Dream” is the ultimate name Molinari came up with for the collection.

The lineup included several floating, tulle and lace dresses, hemmed chiffons, shimmering smocks, crystal zig-zag hems and romantic, poetic peasant tops. The designer’s approach was all around more softer and more grown up than past collections. From pale pink to lavender shades, there were also plenty of moments of youthful exuberance. Metallic beading draped off the shoulders, airy slip dresses, sexy satin lounge dresses and ruffled necklines looked stunning on the runway.