Anna Molinari, Designer at Work Fall 2012 at Milan

MILAN – FashionTV takes you behind the scenes of Italian designer Anna Molinari’s Blugirl Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection during Milan Fashion Week. FashionTV caught up with the talented designer herself as she explains how she put together a brilliant collection. Inspiration came from the enthusiasm, love, joy, optimism and many other personal characteristics of Molinari’s life. The collection is very feminine especially with colors such as pink, lilac and baby blue. “The prints are lovely as they are embroidered wasps and motorcycles, or small branches of flowers. Then there is the white part because with the extreme cold we had this year, it’s important to dress warmly. Therefore, we can even wear something like a flimsy lace-like dress, but over it we must wear fun furs”, Molinari explains. The models sported the perfect winter look wearing fur boots, earmuffs, wool gloves with embellished Swarovski rhinestones, giving it that glam touch. “This part is truly special”, the designer emphasises.