Portugal Fashion Fall 2012

LISBON, PORTO – The 30th edition of Portugal Fashion took place in March 2012 in both Lisbon and Porto. “Cross” was the theme of this season and it refers to the idea of moving between points of reality. Designers who showcased their brands include Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the designer who took over Lacoste in September 2010, duo Alves/Goncalves, Storytailors, Luis Buchinho, Susanna Bettencourt, Concreto, Dom Colletto, Lion of Porches, Luis Onofre: Shoes & Bags Collection, and Fatima Lopes

Baptista showcased patent looks with color blocking, backless dresses, fur, and asymmetrical tulip skirts and leather. Duo Alves/Goncalves presented gold belt cinched and shiny looks and Storytailors had embellished shoulders and peplum skirts. Luis Buchinho showcased unique shapes of different colors. Concreto had knitwear. Fatima Lopes had already shown in Paris and was a hit in Portugal with her artistic show based on human anatomy.