Sao Paulo Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Week

SAO PAULO – FashionTV has your coverage of Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil during the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 season.

At the Cori fashion show, designers Andrea Ribeiro and Giselle Nasser created a collection with the image of sophisticated horseback riders in mind. Models wear hot pants, two-tone jackets, skirts, and leather as accents plus lots of cashmere wool and lace.

The crowd at the Colcci show is psyched for brand faces Alessandra Ambrosio (she walks) and Ashton Kutcher (he’s in the front row.) Did you know Brazilian model Ambrosio was pregnant when she strutted down the catwalk?

Dark silhouettes are the fashion du jour of Ellus with Brazilian models like Debora Muller, and Aline Weber walking in dark pantsuits, dresses, fur-tinged leather, quilted black, and sequins.

Dramatic silver makeup and fake black and white eyelashes make eyes pop at Samuel Cirnansk who themes his Fall 2012 collection around a black swan theme with good and bad swans showcased in lace bustiers and black and white feathered hems.