Valentino Fall 2012 at Paris

PARIS – FashionTV has an indepth look at the Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-2013 show during Paris Fashion Week.

Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia (0:30) calls Valentino feminine, yet reserved, elegant, but young. The looks were leather at first, but tailored in a style that didn’t make them look tough. There was also a mix of textures in a masculine meets feminine fashion. Lace, embroidery, knitwear, tapestry motifs, and details were all part of this balanced collection. “Valentino has to be one of my favorite shows,” says model Ruby Aldridge. “It’s just always so perfect. It’s perfect!” All of the commentators made sure to play up the fact that despite the new nuances, everything was very true to Valentino. Fashion insiders like Ken Downing from Neiman Marcus and Caroline Cerf from Stylist loved the patchwork in the fur, the Russian motifs, and the red. “Valentino’s always my favorite show,” says model Frida Gustavsson (6:41) “It’s the show I started doing. I just love it. It’s a different aesthetic from everything else. It’s so soft and it’s still modern.”