Preen Fall 2012 Show

NEW YORK – Fall 2012 has been more about fur, deep fall colors, and solid designs which make a collection like Preen, with its hyper colors and bright prints that much more refreshing for the viewers. For Spring 2012, Preen design duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi went for eye-catching and the Fall 2012-2013 collection only took this further, living up to their hype of designers who know how to make a statement. On top of this, the collection was feminine and romantic, in that ladylike Victorian sense, basing the line on unusual embroidery-driven looks that could be taken from the likes of English author and illustrator Beatrix Potter though they used colorful splattered paint and brushstroke, butterfly and floral patterns to carry this out, making this a collection that could definitely be worn year around, even when the weather gets warmer. The trompe l’oeil print combinations later on in the show were also pleasing to the eye.