Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2012

NEW YORK – When we saw the elaborate set for the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012-2013 show at New York Fashion Week, we wondered for a split second if we were at a Karl Lagerfeld-helmed Chanel. After all, Karl was the one known for the elaborate sets and cool themes at his collections. Still, this was no Karl Lagerfeld. It was Marc Jacobs, the designer who heads two MJ labels in addition to Louis Vuitton, and was once rumored to take over Dior. If he wants to prove that he is a style icon, at least to himself if not anyone else (like Karl), it seems he’s done it

The set, designed by Rachel Feinstein, was created to look like a castle in ruins from the 18th century. But even more spectacular than the castle were the clothes themselves which were everything from sparkly to knit to peplum shaped to print and everything in between (all at the same time!) These blends completely sold the show, complete with buckles on rounded platforms that looked like something the Pilgrims would wear.

Jacobs’ shoulder wraps with oversize safety pins and wool coats over skirts with patches, layered on top of leggings were all over the place but they still seemed to fit with the theme–a sort of Dr. Seuss meets Dickens vibe that the crowd was raving about after the show. You knew this had something to do with Oliver–the soundtrack was a hit song from the musical based on the Dickens classic. Appliques, jacquard, brocade, paillettes, and everything in between could be found here in a sort of ruined royalty that Vivienne Westwood has never seen. Add to this the colorful oversize mink hats designed by Stephan Jones and you’ve got yourself an eccentric costume-y hit, the likes of which Fashion Week has never seen.