Fresh Faces 2011 Model Contest Finals

WORLD – Fresh Faces 2011 is an international competition brought to you by showcasing some of the prettiest faces in the world. FashionTV brings you to day one of the big event where the shoes and clothes are waiting for the models to try them so they can practice their runway walks. They are coached by experts like Marie Ange Schmitt, who is the choreographer and part of the jury panel. On day two, they do photoshoots in plush settings by windows and on couches, then get ready for the major event in front of a crowd, which is the final competition. “This was the grand final of the Fresh Faces contest,” says Executive Producer Andreas Von Estroff, “We have seen beautiful girls, beautiful guys, 11 candidates from all over the world,” he says. And now it’s time to pick a male and female winner. Who would you choose? Watch the clip and you’ll see just who they chose to win the coveted Fresh Face award!