Milla Jovovich Stuns in the Campari 2012

WORLD – “It’s the end of the world, baby!” This is the ominous theme of Campari’s 2011 calendar photoshoot featuring top model and actress Milla Jovovich. This is the 13th high-end calendar produced by the Italian brand.

“What attracted me to the Campari calendar was number one, the history of Campari,” said Milla Jovivich. “I think it’s so incredible to be a part of 150th anniversary of an aperitif.”

The calendar’s concept was to illustrate all the ways in which the world can end by touching on both the negative and the positive. Watch Milla in a challenging number of poses across precisely crafted sets. Whether in a long drapey dress or a tighter ensemble, Milla always has the classic glass of Campari in hand. Her hairstyles and makeup vary considerably and range from the theatrical to the irresistibly chic.

“It’s been a real part of the social history of Italy, of Milan. Some of the greatest minds, artists, philosophers, going into a tiny store 150 years ago – and today it’s still the same. The coolest kids, the people that like something unique, innovative, they also go for Campari,” said Milla Jovivich.

Appearances: Milla Jovovich, Dimitri Daniloff